The Ultimate To Do List for Preppers

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When the world comes to an end, you don’t want to be filled with regret. Here’s a to do list for preppers.

  1. Create a food journal. Include what you and your family eat in a week. This will make shopping for food storage infinitely easier.

  2. Learn multiple ways to make a fire. You can start one using a lighter, a magnifying glass, a magnesium stick, fire ribbon, etc. Learn how to start one using each method in case one fails.                      

  3. Stay current on doctors appointments. Do by getting a check-up asap. Additionally, stay on top of your medications.

  4. Rid your house of non-essentials. You can easily do so by holding a garage sale and getting rid of everything you don’t need while making money to buy what you do need.

  5. Get a bicycle (if you don’t already own one) and a repair kit. Bicycling could very well be the main mode of transportation post-disaster, so if you don’t already own one, buy one. Get a repair kit and learn how to use it as well.

  6. Develop a food rotation system for canned goods. Check expiration dates and cook anything that hasn’t yet expired. Create a rotation system in which you keep track of upcoming expiration dates so you can remember to replenish supplies.

  7. Prepare firewood. Keeping your firewood supply stocked will take a lot of work, so start preparing your firewood now. This is especially useful if you’ve never chopped firewood now.

  8. Keep your car filled with gas. Always make sure your car is more than half full.

  9. Have a maintenance check on your car and stock up on car maintenance supplies. Always stay up to date on maintenance checks for you car. Also, post-disaster, you will most likely start being your own mechanic, so stock up on car maintenance supplies now.

  10. Plan sanitation routines. Set up a portable toilet situation and how you and others will maintain proper hygiene. This may be one of the least “fun” things to plan, but it’s important to get it set up asap.

  11. Become familiar with your neighbors. You never know what resources they could offer in a time of need.

  12. Read articles and books on prepping. They could offer useful insight.                                                          

  13. Practice cooking with prepping supplies. This will get you used to using your cooking equipment and knowing how to work with what you have. This isn’t something you want to figure out in the heat of the moment.

  14. Practice living off freeze-dried and canned foods for a week. This will help you figure out if you packed properly or if you need more variety in your potential future diet.

  15. Learn sign language. You don’t need to learn everything; just the essentials to communicate effectively with your family in a time of need.

  16. Learn self defense. You can do so by taking a class.

  17. Buy defense tools. Anything easy to wield and that is sharp should do just fine.

  18. Buy canned products with less sodium. Products high in sodium will make you thirstier, ultimately depleting your water supply faster than intended. Buying canned products with less sodium should help with this depletion.

  19. Get books and card and board games. You may need something to entertain you and your family or at least ease any tension.

  20. Learn how to garden. This may be how you obtain some of your food.

  21. Learn how to read and navigate with a map and compass. You may not have a GPS and your phone may not even be in use, so learn how to navigate with a compass and map and with just a map alone.

  22. Prepare medical supplies. Get first aids kits and learn how to use them.                                                      

  23. Be sure to have cash on hand. Credit card means may not work, so it is always useful to have cash on hand.

  24. Prepare for your pets. Be sure to also stock up on food and other supplies for your pets. This includes any flea and tick medications as well as a carrier.

  25. Get a crank radio. A crank radio is your best bet if you don’t have power. It will help you stay in current if there is still news.